Jeff Pulikowski - Sioux Falls SD

All I can say is that this is AWESOME. It far exceeds any expectation I had when I purchased it. Not to mention the fact that it is whisper quiet. I can’t thank you enough for producing such a superior product at a more than fair price.

Richard Sharpe - Camarillo, CA

Thanks for your great customer service. It is nice to know that when something goes wrong, your people stand behind your products and fix the issue. well done.

Kerry Stark - Shamokin Dam, PA

Hey guys
I received my Trax power dolly this week. I am very impressed with its overall construction and nice detail. You can tell its a quality built item. Im sure it will serve me well. In this day and age its nice to buy quality from people who take pride in their work. Thanks again for going the extra mile and doing it right. I will glad to recommend your product to others. I already posted on Facebook on one of my RV sites showing pics of the Trax.
Thanks again
Kerry Stark

Power Dolly Testimonial Ed DerosierEdward Derosier - Brampton On

I have owned a few power dolly solutions to move my bass boat into my tight garage but none of them could get my trailers tires over the curbing. They simply didn't have enough speed to drive the tires over the quick rise and simply caused the other powered dolly solutions to loose traction and spin on the spot.

The TX6000 had a huge amount of power and speed. I was able to hop over the curb like as if it never was there in the first place and the ability to switch between high and low speeds at a flick of a switch was what I've always wanted. It took me only a few seconds to get used to the thumb speed control for super smooth pushing and pulling my boat trailer.

I was very impressed with how easy it was to connect, operate and move my boat trailer in and out of my Garage. Thank you Jeff Sawlor for driving up to Brampton and giving me a demo of how to use this amazing power dolly. I'm SOLD! It's the Easiest to use power trailer dolly on the market.

John Harrison - Batavia OH

My TX6000 arrived this week and moves my 18 foot, fully loaded, tandem axle trailer with ease, even up the slight grade into my pole barn. It has enabled me to pull the trailer into my pole barn tongue first, so now I can open the rear ramp door of the trailer whenever I want to load & unload my ATVs. Before, the only way I could get my stuff out of the trailer was to hook it up to the truck and pull it out (a pain).
Love the variable speed. You guys outdid yourselves with the build quality!!!
I hope to post a video very soon for you.

Wendy Day - FL

Our TX6000 arrived 2 weeks ago and we are excited to say it moves our airstream trailer extreamly well with no problems! I told the TRAX sales rep we purchased one of the competition's tow dollys last year, but had to return it becasue it was painfully, slow and that our neighbours complained about the noise it made when we tried to use it. The TRAX tow dolly is as avertised, it's very quick, and you can hardly hear it. I only wish we knew about your product sooner and could have saved the restocking and shipping fees the other guys charged us.

James Willis - Pasadena CA

Sorry for the delay in writing my customer testimonal Jeff, we just got back from a long needed vacation. Ok my thoughts on your trailer mover.. It's Fantastic!! When I talked to you over the phone and told you the gross weight of my trailer was 2000 pounds over your limit and that I might be using it on grass and gravel. You where confident the TX6000 would move it nicely. I am very happy to say it did the job perfectly! Thank you for your time spent talking with me during the weekend. It still suprises me that you were avaiable to talk so late at night. Best wishes to you and your company James.

Andrew Slee - Nelson New Zealand

The TRAX caravan trolly arrived and I was able to put in through some trials. We are now able move our caravan around to the back and save valuable parking space on our drive.

Ronald Apfelbaum - Ogden UT

Dear Jeff, I recieved my trailer mover last week, it was a plesent supprise to find out that you shipped it FedEx air. It was only 15 minutes from the time I opended the box to have the machine ready to move my trailer. It was a pice of cake to move my Airstream Bambie, thank you very much.